PacificaMarketingSEORecently I was asked to review a company’s marketing plan and SEO they were paying for monthly. The owner of the company was unhappy with the results from the money invested with this marketing company and was trying to part ways. The marketing company gave the owner a list of citation sites (ex. yellow pages, yelp, etc) and the showed a screen shot of how they Googled the business name showing the first 7 sites are that business. I would sure hope if you Googled ‘Pacifica Marketing’ that Pacifica Marketing is what popped up on Google. What I want to see is if I’m doing SEO for a laundry mat I don’t want to see that if I Google ‘Kevin’s Laundry’ that Kevin’s Laundry shows up. I want to Google ‘Laundry Mats in Indianapolis’ and “Kevin’s Laundry” pops up on the first page in Google. That is SEO marketing, not listing the business on a bunch of yellow pages type of sites and “managing them.”

There is a major difference in SEO and Marketing, remember the second page on Google is where things go to die.

Until next time… Do your research. -Brian

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